Welcome to the Guala Research Group!  

I am considering new Ph.D. applicants. Please contact me and apply to Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (CEGE) Water Resources, UMN.  If you deeply care about our air and water quality and you can make a donation to expand renewable energy research, please contact me. I will be happy to meet you, discuss the objectives, and present a joint plan to the UMN External Relations Office.


Michele Guala
Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) University of Minnesota
2 third St SE Minneapolis(382)
Phone: 612 625 9108
Email:[email protected]  

Research interests

Near-surface processes in the atmospheric boundary layer

Renewable energies

Turbulent flows

Flow measurement techniques

Particles turbulence interaction and sediment transport

Hot Topics

1) Environmental fluid mechanics

2) Renewable energy (Wind and MHK power)

3) Turbulence

4) Field measurements



Teaching highlights, Spring 2023: Atmospheric Boundary Layer

CEGE 8521 "ABL" offered as an advanced graduate class for Master and PhD students (civil, environmental  and geo, mechanical, aerospace engineering, earth science and related major). Spring 2023, register for CEGE 8521). Learn about wall turbulence and near surface processes 

Research highlights: New renewable energy converter

A novel design for stream bank protection and renewable energy production

Research highlights: Nature Energy Cover Page 

"Performance and resilience of hydrokinetic turbine arrays under large migrating fluvial bedforms" by M Musa, C Hill, F Sotiropoulos, M Guala.   Nature Energy 3 (10), 839-846

cover page
PhD position offered

I am looking for a PhD student on a NSF funded project with backround in control and/or geophsyical flows (undergrad in civil, mechanical or aerospace engineering, physics or earth science) to start on fall 2014 at CE, SAFL, University of Minnesota

Research highlights

Nature COMMUNICATION (2014) Super-Large PIV experiment visualizing the flow in the wake of 2.5MW turbine. Led by Jiarong Hong (ME). "Natural snowfall reveals large-scale flow structures in the wake of a 2.5-MW wind turbine"

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Research highlights

3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry 3DPTV has been assembled and tested at SAFL in collaboration with prof. Alex Liberzon (Tel Aviv University), Dr. Beat Luthi PHOTRACK , Dr. Matt Stegmeir TSI . 3DPTV allows time resolved, spatially resolved measurements of velocity, acceleration, and the full tensor of velocity derivatives along particle trajectories in a 3D volume.

Technology highlights

Verterra is developing a Vertical Axis Hydro Electric Turbine for clean energy production. Support a young company based in Minnesota!


Teaching highlights

Atmospheric Boundary Layer class offered for grad students (civil, mechanical or aerospace engineering, physics or related major) fall 2014 CE 8521 at University of Minnesota